necessities of life

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Her tender nature, shrinking from the hard necessities of life, shrank from the cruelly-close prospect of parting.
I know of a case on a large plantation in the South in which a young white man, the son of the former owner of the estate, has become so reduced in purse and self-control by reason of drink that he is a pitiable creature; and yet, notwithstanding the poverty of the coloured people themselves on this plantation, they have for years supplied this young white man with the necessities of life.
About twelve years previously a Colorado real-estate speculator had made up his mind that it was wrong to gamble in the necessities of life of human beings: and so he had retired and begun the publication of a Socialist weekly.
It was a season of scarcity; the necessities of life commanded a high price in Europe, and were greedily sought after by the speculators.
Such a view would have been wrong there and then, and would, of course, be still more wrong now and in England; for as man moves northward the material necessities of life become of more vital importance, and our society is infinitely more complex, and displays far greater extremes of luxury and pauperism than any society of the antique world.
Talking to various public delegations during his visit to border areas on Tuesday, he said the government of Pakistan and AJK governments are taking solid measures to provide basic necessities of life to people residing in remote areas of the state.
THIS female grizzly and her cub are proof that Jungle Book's Baloo was right when he told Mowgli that the bare necessities of life will come to you.
Kokab Iqbal Advocate seeking court's direction for provision of water, food and other essential necessities of life to the drought affected people in Thar a desert area of Sindh province.
My fault was that I announced to provide basic necessities of life at half rates to the poor.
David Cameron said Britain had already given PS7m in aid but, questioned about the conflict at an event yesterday, added: "I can announce we are going to give a further PS3m of aid to help make sure the people in Gaza have the basic necessities of life, the food, the shelter and the assistance they need.
He said in a statement today that they will not accept a weak negotiating committee that will lose the rights of our people and deprive our provinces of the necessities of life and recovery like other provinces of Iraq, and will not allow to anyone to detract from our rights and depriving our young people their freedom and saps their energy.
I was not a rabid fan of the former nationalised utilities, they were monolithic and often overburdened with bureaucrats but at least they made a fair attempt to distribute the necessities of life.