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O]n the classical view, for the defence to succeed, the agent was required to prove that he had no choice, that the necessitous circumstances literally forced him to do what he did.
the necessitous settler could have no more than 200 [pounds sterling]
More than that, it takes their existence as rendering political society necessitous in the first place.
Coincidentally, a pastor of the Baptist Church and college chaplain walked up, whereupon Lee remarked, "That is one of our old soldiers who is in necessitous circumstances.
00 relief of persons in Australia who are in necessitous circumstances 4.
According to her neighbors, Magdalena Schmidt lived "in necessitous circumstances and depend[ed] upon her own labor for her support, which is that of washing and ironing, and doing house-work.
Thus premised it is possible to extend the idea of civilization to cover the relationship of the necessitous to the desirable or the good, in the Aristotelian sense.
Initially formed in 1955 with the objective of providing for "the relief of those necessitous and deserving" persons in the employment of Rugby Cement, the fund has expanded over the years.
In 1970, the governor of Massachusetts recommended the passage of a usury law to provide an effective tool against organized crime, as the usury law was designed to protect the necessitous debtor from outrageous demands by lenders.
Therefore, according to Justice Scalia, there were only three conceivable bases for the contention that the patients' consent to taking their urine was invalid: first, that the patients were coerced by their necessitous circumstances; second, that the consent was uninformed because the patients were not told that the urinalysis would include tests for cocaine; and third, that the consent was uninformed because the patients were not told that positive cocaine test results would be provided to the police.
To a necessitous delegate he gratuitously spares a supply [of money] out of his private stock.