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Chris Leatt, founder of Leatt Corporation and developer of its neck braces, including a variety of neck brace designs especially designed to work with body armor for chest and back, applauded the move by UISP.
WARNING Stephen Butcher INJURIES Stephen Butcher, 16, recovering in a head and neck brace, with brother Matthew, 15
5 Neck Brace product line in the United States and abroad.
SO LUCKY: McKinna wearing neck brace HORROR MOMENT: Adam McKinna (blue helmet) comes off his bike with Taylor Poole (yellow helmet) landing on top of him
She knew something was badly wrong and put me in a neck brace.
Backup catcher Josh Paul wore a large neck brace Wednesday after saying he slept wrong on his neck.
Paramedics used a neck brace and stretcher to move one injured woman to hospital.
Southend 0 Cambridge 0 LEAGUE TWO PHIL BROWN admitted he was seriously concerned about Luke Prosser - after the defender was stretchered off wearing a neck brace.
Chris Leatt's introduction of his revolutionary neck brace in 2006.
Walsh, who was last seen on a racetrack sporting a neck brace when he helped with the start of the Jog For Jockeys 5km race at Naas on August 21, said yesterday: "The neck brace is off me, thankfully, and I'm hanging in there.
Bandaged and wearing a neck brace, the 56-year-old was expected to travel to neighbouring Botswana today for more tests, and to rest.
One driver, a man believed to be in his 40's, was cut free from his car by firefighters before paramedics could mobilise him with a spinal board and neck brace.