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TIE. When two persons receive an equal number of votes at an election, there is said to be a tie.
     2. In that case neither is elected. When the votes are given on any question to be decided by a deliberative assembly, and there is a tie, the question is lost. Vide Majority.

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The tapered necktie measures a total of 33 cm in length and 8.
Committee sources said that except in the plenary session room, lower house members do not have to wear coats or put on neckties within the Diet building, and female members can wear informal clothing.
So Lord Necktie - real nameStan Seymour - decided to record the song in the striker's honour on his latest album.
Four years later, a foreman's necktie again became the despised target of three Flint Fisher Body workers.
As a form of protest, Ford and a colleague later removed the necktie from Poseidon and use it to blindfold the statue.
However, common sense would caution office staff to tuck in their neckties when they go on the plant floor, though that's hard to enforce.
But Tom's troubles aren't over cup ties - it's neckties.
Statesman Ties offer regular width and skinny men's neckties from various states around The United States, as well as countries and cities from around the world.
The ingenious necktie was created by Shawn Baxter, who also designed the PillowTie - a tie that office workers could blow up and use as a comfy pillow.
The police have warned hospitals that they will soon start sending police officers inside to challenge men wearing neckties and women with heavy makeup.
I was hoping that when Obama got elected on a promise of changing the way things are done in the nation's capital, he might set a good example by abolishing the obligatory man's necktie.
Love is better than any necktie I could ever give him, anyway.