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TIE. When two persons receive an equal number of votes at an election, there is said to be a tie.
     2. In that case neither is elected. When the votes are given on any question to be decided by a deliberative assembly, and there is a tie, the question is lost. Vide Majority.

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Statesman Ties continues to push the envelope with tie designs, offering a range of men's neckties inspired by different states around the U.
Neckties are still mandatory in many formal settings, even today.
The lower end of the necktie is decorated with beaded loop suspensions.
As a result, the current policy of wearing coats and putting on neckties will be kept, a committee executive said.
Check wool coat pounds 95; check lace camisole pounds 25; Kitt jeans pounds 40; T-shirt pounds 20; Paint swirl necktie pounds 15
I handed him the silky white necktie and took a step back.
Nearly two years ago, Judith Scruggs of Meriden, Connecticut, suffered a devastating loss when her 12-year-old son Daniel hanged himself in his bedroom closet with a necktie.
The song 'It's a Century' was recorded by Bermuda's No 1 Calypso artist Lord Necktie after Goater scored his 100th goal forthe Blues in the 3- 1 derby victory over United at Maine Road in November.
Still, the necktie grievance case turned on the issue of double jeopardy--management first imposed the layoff and then subsequently added another penalty--the discharge.
This woman ritualistically took one geometrically patterned necktie after another from behind her back and draped it over her head as Robert Goulet sang "Memories.
Attendees of a home schooling convention in Sacramento were so offended by a seven-foot tall, naked bronze statue of the Greek god Poseidon that they dressed him in an entire outfit, including a necktie.
Why not get that special hunter a necktie that he will enjoy wearing for any occasion?