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A tooth with partially or completely necrotic pulp is an infection focus.
All patients underwent ligation of the involved artery (brachial or femoral) both proximal and distal to pseudoaneurysm, excision of infected pseudoaneurysm and thorough debridement of necrotic tissues in the vicinity.
Intercurrent coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis of chickens: rational, integrated disease management by maintenance of gut integrity.
We extend the previously defined model by adding the dynamics of the necrotic tumor volume and the pharmacodynamics of the drug.
Necrotic mediastinal lymphadenopathy has been described in a wide variety of pathologies which include infectious and noninfectious etiologies.
Molecular basis of necrotic enteritis pathogenesis: At molecular level, pathogenesis of NE is governed by various exotoxins produced by C.perfringens.
We excluded another etiology for necrotic pancreatitis.
There were numerous necrotic keratinocytes with overlying parakeratosis present in the epidermis.
Lesions may be vesicular or bullous and may become necrotic and ulcerate.