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Let us now turn to the nectar-feeding insects in our imaginary case: we may suppose the plant of which we have been slowly increasing the nectar by continued selection, to be a common plant; and that certain insects depended in main part on its nectar for food.
Worryingly, Nectar is just the latest in a line of rewards schemes to be targeted.
Efficient tongues matter in the strenuous life of a nectar specialist.
Sadly, Atif Tanvir's impressive total of 100,535 points isn't close to the Nectar record; there are over 1,000 Nectar points millionaires.
The Nectar platform provides a comprehensive real time view of all service elements and their interdependencies.
Families are invited to enter by completing an online questionnaire on the Nectar Savvy Family website (www.
This huge month-long extravaganza, which kicks off this weekend, is your chance to collect even more points on your everyday spending in shops and online as some of the nation's favourite brands and retailers are offering Double and Triple Nectar points.
A study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences describes the previously undiscovered technology employed by the bat Glossophaga soricina: a tongue tip that uses blood flow to erect scores of little hair-like structures exactly at the right time to slurp up extra nectar from within a flower.
She said: "Last year's Nectar Business round table gave me an opportunity to meet some of the UK's brightest business stars and take part in some lively and inspirational conversations, I can't wait to hear more this year.
We are tremendously excited to introduce the revolutionary Nectar product, and are honored to win the CES Innovations Award," said Lilliputian CEO Ken Lazarus.
The winners will be chosen by a panel of respected industry figures, including leading businesswoman and star of BBC1's The Apprentice, Karren Brady - as well as inventor, entrepreneur and Nectar Business Small Business Awards 2011 winner, Lisa Irlam.
The price comparison site, part of Cardiff-based Admiral Group, has launched a tie-up which means customers will receive 1,000 Nectar points for every car insurance policy they buy through Confused.