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Physicians need information technology to track patient progress efficiently, and they need help in controlling their practice expenses (i.
For example, to license medical biological defense countermeasures with the Food & Drug Administration, the efficacy of the product may need to be demonstrated in a relevant animal model of the human disease.
In Spain, Arco, Fernandez, Heilborn and Lopez's (2005) study of the profile of students attending university of Granada, revealed that students rated academic needs--getting easily distracted, need to improve their study skills, problem of time management and problem of test taking anxiety--as the area desiring significant attention.
DAV: Based on VA's own projection of the aging veteran population, it is likely to see a significant increase in long-term care need over the next decade.
The importance and influences of multifaceted relationships are highlighted as the author describes the pursuit and challenges of implementing an effective program for students with special needs.
A number of storage vendors have reported that natural disasters in 2005 have seemed to cause an uptick in storage purchases, especially backup and recovery software and the need for offsite storage.
The reality is that repeated studies of the dental needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities indicate that about half ".
Sixth, there is a need for enhanced career guidance services to be provided in the workplace by employers for their employees.
Initial interactions concerned the school's need for counseling and consultation services from university counselor education faculty.
We've seen in the height of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the operations we've seen around the world over the last ten years, we've seen the need for us to be able to get anywhere we need to go, to get there quickly and to be able to persist there is a growing reality of our U.
Supports and Services for Adults and Children Aged 5-14 with Disabilities in Canada: An analysis of data on needs and gaps was commissioned by the Federal--Provincial--Territorial Ministers Responsible for Social Services in 2003 in order to "better understand the levels of need, both met and unmet, for disability supports," in Canada.