need for action

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Watching his chance, privily, Whiskers snuggled a chunk of rock several pounds in weigh close to his hand if need for action should arise.
In an interview to Indian media, the envoy said he has stressed the need for action against 'the country', as mandated by the UNSC resolutions.
Concrete need for action at Swiss universities with respect to bringing forward change towards sustainable development--this will be the focus of the Sustainable University Day 2017 taking place in Basel on April 7.
On Friday, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy will visit Notre Dame to speak about the need for action on behalf of those who bear the brunt of the effects of climate change and the steps the U.
He also emphasised the need for action against terrorist facilitators.
It added that they emphasized on the need for action and cooperation to pass laws and accelerate projects of the outstanding importance.
However, I am well aware that there is a need for action now.
It is the responsibility of everyone to maintain Lebanon as a model of the East and the West," Rahi stressed, underlining the need for action to fortify internal unity and cement national ranks.
There is definitely a need for action to improve this as the message the Abu Dhabi taxi drivers give to tourists or business people visiting the capital is not a good one
A STUDY has highlighted the need for action on a safe way to dispose of unwanted medicines.
The union has not had a response from the employers, but said yesterday that it remained hopeful of talks and a resolution without the need for action.
Labour MP Joan Ryan, who urged the Home Office to outlaw the "high" following our probe (right), said last night: "The tragic deaths in the past week have brought this issue into sharp focus and highlighted the urgent need for action.

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