need for action

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Watching his chance, privily, Whiskers snuggled a chunk of rock several pounds in weigh close to his hand if need for action should arise.
In addition, Senator Ernst discussed the need for action on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA) and outlined the importance of this trade agreement for Iowas farmers and manufacturers.
As part of an international event, Extinction Rebellion Oswestry and Borders drew attention to the need for action on climate and mass extinction by staging a die-in.
"Every body is aware of the necessity to keep the oil market stable and the need for action to ensure its sustainable balance," said Bakheet Al-Rasheedi in a statement on sidelines of the 10th Joint OPEC/Non-OPEC Ministerial Monitoring Committee (JMMC) tasked with following up on the lower production deal.
"While the need for action is clear - that action must be properly considered.
And Dumfries Museum is to mark the occasion with a free party highlighting the need for action on climate change from 8.15pm to 10pm tomorrow, supported by Luna, the museum'sWWW Earth Hour panda.
In an interview to Indian media, the envoy said he has stressed the need for action against 'the country', as mandated by the UNSC resolutions.
Concrete need for action at Swiss universities with respect to bringing forward change towards sustainable development--this will be the focus of the Sustainable University Day 2017 taking place in Basel on April 7.
He also emphasised the need for action against terrorist facilitators.
The main political parties are in agreement on the need for action but seem reluctant to be upfront on the major structural changes needed to prevent public services suffering decline through a thousand cuts.
It added that they emphasized on the need for action and cooperation to pass laws and accelerate projects of the outstanding importance./ End
"However, I am well aware that there is a need for action now.

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