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Echoing personal frustrations, the beginning teachers in Whitaker's (2003) study reported that they needed most assistance in learning policies, procedures, and paperwork.
In countries with such systems, the reviews found consistent evidence that career guidance in schools tended to be marginalized in two respects: First, the pressing nature of the personal and behavioral problems of a minority of pupils meant that guidance counselors spent much of their time on these problems, at the expense of the help needed by all pupils in relation to their educational and vocational choices; second, guidance on such choices tended to focus mainly on educational decisions viewed as ends in themselves rather than on their vocational implications and on longer term career planning.
As a consequence, individuals with intellectual disabilities are dependent upon community dental professionals for needed services.
In another promising approach, Australian archivists and records managers are developing a Statement of Professional Knowledge Required by Recordkeepers that defines core knowledge domains (needed to do the work); subsidiary domains ("that which enables the recordkeeper to work effectively in a range of work environments and to meet business and community expectations") and "other professional" domains (knowledge possessed by members of other professions but which recordkeepers need to understand in order to integrate related activities with recordkeeping work).
Despite repeated calls for social action and collaboration (e.g., Bemak, 1998; Keys & Bemak, 1997; Paisley & McMahon, 2001), the extant literature indicates that school counselors do not participate in the extensive collaborative program development that is needed for comprehensive developmental school counseling programs in the 21st century (Green & Keys).
We can do better than that, and all of us have to work together to make sure that we focus this kind of success and this kind of technology on the places that it is needed the most.
Examining their current network environment and assessing requirements for primary and secondary data locations, the firm's IT leadership established several main objectives as the overarching requirements needed to create a solution that would ensure business continuity in the event of data damage or disaster.
This review elicits information pertinent to the session such as dietary needs for food service, special training needed by staff, adaptive responses for client housing and activities, and medication and treatment demands from health-care providers.
Advocates of full inclusion believe that all services needed by children should be provided in the general-education classroom.
Others may want to hide out because of the weather, but you've never needed to move more.
Part B: Calculate how many balloons are needed to lift objects

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