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Another area teachers indicated that the most assistance was needed, according to Whitaker (2003), was emotional support.
9) In the latest national study of children with special needs "the (health) service most commonly reported as needed but not received was dental care; more than 8% of (these) children needed but did not obtain this service.
But clarity is needed about the role of career guidance professionals within such diversified delivery systems.
Models of effective collaborative practice are needed to contribute to our knowledge base and sustain school counseling's professional contribution to prevention and social justice.
When these forces are arrayed around the battlespace they can do a number of things, but if they're engaged in conflict against any sort of an enemy, the ammunition expenditure, the food and supplies that are needed to keep that maneuver unit going are going to be substantial.
This review elicits information pertinent to the session such as dietary needs for food service, special training needed by staff, adaptive responses for client housing and activities, and medication and treatment demands from health-care providers.
Definitive and verifiable reasons for the accumulation of funds, including specific projected dates for using them and specific amounts needed for each separate purpose for which E&P is being accumulated; see Gustafson's Dairy, Inc.
Administrators may need to reduce the number of children in a class to adjust for the added physical and instructional accommodations needed for a child with a disability.
Using the calculated volume of a balloon and the rule that one liter of helium can lift one gram, how balloons are needed to lift each object?
PASADENA - What Karl Dorrell needed Saturday night wasn't a victory.
The teacher needs to list words, in a notebook, which pupils have difficulty with in identifying and provide needed help here.