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Discussed this with Jap (Japanese) Amb (Ambassador) in Delhi and we felt this was most useful and needed item given cold weather conditions in affected areas.
We needed Item 17 of Figure 5 of TM 9-6115-639-23P, a push-pull switch for the control panel assembly on our 3-KW tactical quiet generator.
In a statement, Caritas Manila said the most needed items were sleeping mats, mosquito nets, blankets, face masks, hygiene kits, firewood, food, water, toilets and communal kitchens.
The official subsequently urged locals and philanthropists to support these organisations and to provide the needed items to the two institutes.
Stuart Blair, valuer at the company, said: "UHT milk, fruit juice - in long life cartons - cereals, jam, tinned fruits, tinned vegetables, tea bags, dried rice, pasta sauces and toiletries are some of the most- needed items.
Rather than charging an admission fee for entry to the concert, we are asking the audience to donate food, especially much needed items such as Christmas cake, biscuits, and tins of meat.
From the spice rack to the medicine cabinet to the filing cabinet and the garage, clearly labelling containers saves time and energy, ensuring you can quickly and easily find needed items.
Tenders are invited for supply on as need basis parts, repairs and labor for generators and fire pumps, may include replacement of batteries, 50/50 premix af-1 gal, silicone heater hose, belts, and any other needed items.
Iran's humanitarian aids included tents, blanket and other needed items.
Through the support of Avis, our team now have a number of reliable, safe vehicles to move themselves, and any needed items, across the Emirates," said UAE RF secretary general Qais Al Dhalai.
Urgently needed items include back packs, sleeping bags, baby carrying slings/pushchairs, small tents

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