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This trick, a bad habit, the cracking of his fingers, always soothed him, and gave precision to his thoughts, so needful to him at this juncture.
I must live, and to live I must have what you call 'the needful,' which I can only get by working.
I question not but that these are partly the reasons why affection was placed by nature in the hearts of mothers to their children; without which they would never be able to give themselves up, as 'tis necessary they should, to the care and waking pains needful to the support of their children.
Since this care is needful to the life of children, to neglect them is to murder them; again, to give them up to be managed by those people who have none of that needful affection placed by nature in them, is to neglect them in the highest degree; nay, in some it goes farther, and is a neglect in order to their being lost; so that 'tis even an intentional murder, whether the child lives or dies.
That's all very well, but they won't give the needful authority.
During the meeting, Fazal Amin Shah, Deputy Collector presented the needful amendments for voting to members.
Justice Rekha Palli directed the Election Commission to do the needful within three weeks after giving the Dinakaran faction of the AIADMK an appropriate hearing.
Once he received the money, the patwari did not do the needful and instead demanded more money.
I charge you to go back to your various schools and do the needful,' Akanni said.
After the recent horrendous incidents such as that happened in Kasur, Mardan, Kohat and other cities, it is pragmatically required on the part of respective authorities to do the needful to protect the children from sexual abuse and molestation.
Whenever we meet the educational authorities, they assure us of doing the needful but nothing is done on the ground, they said and appealed the Education Department to provide required staff in the school so that studies are not affected.
Abdul Qayyum said they promised to do the needful and also expressed their determination to recommend their government not to supply any kind of arms and ammunition to India until its seven hundred thousand personnel committing atrocities in IoK are withdrawn.

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