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The funding law prioritizes state money to needier districts.
Patrick has said since April he intends to pass legislation reining in tuition rates, including a vow to gut a requirement that all four-year colleges set aside a percentage of the tuition payments they receive to help needier students afford college.
Critics argue that this practice is drawing funds away from needier communities and into ritzy projects in wealthier locations like Manhattan and other big cities.
You're already talented enough to make a difference on the individual level to that needier student or those teachers struggling in their first teaching positions.
The film's other female characters do little for its feminist credentials: Jules' fellow kindergarten moms are spiteful housewives, while her mother (heard, never seen) is a passive-aggressive needier.
I said, sounding needier and more pathetic than I ever have in my life.
In a climate of economic hardship and political uncertainty, the needy are growing in numbers and getting needier.
As Managing Director, Alistair Needier explained, it is an exciting time for the business:
Not only do they add to the overall number of coalition members, which plays to the feds' preference, they're often needier than the larger districts, which makes the overall package more appealing.
In an ideal world I'd like to see women prisoners in much smaller units that offer levels of support appropriate to what's a much needier population than the male population.
Improve market efficiency--Invest in LNG projects; sign contracts that allow destination flexibility and cargo-swap arrangements so that LNG shipments can go to needier, higher-priced or more cost-effective markets.
Or perhaps they are underachieving in challenging circumstances, where their own commitment to hard work is not reflected in those around them and the teachers are distracted by other needier cases.