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Here I use CDA to examine whether the current era of policy reform has recapitulated a historically evident notion of neediness and dependency.
But the friendship between Johnson and Boswell, never more convincingly investigated than by Radner, was unique--tempered by radical differences (in age, class, nationality, personality, and fame) and binding affinities (love of conversation, intellectual curiosity, emotional neediness, and the habit of literature).
She warned that instead of getting back together, her neediness might scare Harry away.
At the same time, such length can denote some degree of neediness and disorganization.
Showbusiness magazine Variety said: "A star vehicle on cruise control this ain't: Carey Mulligan's Kyra is all composure, a sense of purpose masking layers of hurt, while Bill Nighy's furiously brittle Tom blazes with self-entitlement, ricocheting between bravado and aching neediness.
The eligibility of a candidate is linked to neediness of the candidate as determined and assessed by financial background of his/her family.
Their neediness does not end after the month of December, and with cold winter months ahead, help is desperately needed for food, heat and basic survival, especially the many families with young children.
NNA - Free Patriotic Trend Head, MP Michel Aoun, considered Saturday that the militia way of thinking fills the souls of its masters, manipulating the country and its people with fear and neediness.
Casey adds: "One of the problems with responding to the individual neediness of the 'weak' is that it can lead to neglect of the 'strong?
Blanchett is striking, playing an insecure but conceited woman whose neediness is balanced by a loneliness that makes her a complex but desperately charismatic personality.
Perhaps, we ourselves need to recover the humility in faith where in our neediness we kneel before our people and beg for their blessing, if not their forgiveness," he said.
She's a stand-up comedian - a job which requires equal quantities of fearlessness and neediness - which could be what's scaring some blokes off.