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Flushing's scheme a very good one, only needing a little consideration, which it appeared she had given it by the time they reached home.
Twenty-four hours ago he had thought that instead of needing to know what he should do, he should by this time know that he needed to do nothing: that he should hunt in pink, have a first-rate hunter, ride to cover on a fine hack, and be generally respected for doing so; moreover, that he should be able at once to pay Mr.
I should have thought you had learned self-reliance on Berande, instead of needing to lean upon the moral support of every whisky-guzzling worthless South Sea vagabond.
And if you-all are thinking of needing lumber, I'll make you-all contracts right nowthree hundred dollars a thousand, undressed.
I 've been needing a good cry for some time, and now I shall be all right.
If nature need not, Or God support nature without repast, Though needing, what praise is it to endure?
She did all the chores and then was needing the loaves when she looked up and saw a tramp coming in and he was an awful villenus looking tramp.
And so, to-night, being broke and my friend needing me bad, I just dropped around to make a raise outa your pa.
About eleven o'clock, after I had made a brief chemical experiment at the furnaces of the laboratory, needing all the space behind me, I had my desk moved here by Daddy Jacques, who spent the evening in cleaning some of my apparatus.