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Out of the 43 cases in whom core needle biopsy was done, the histologic and cytologic findings match in 40 cases.
Alpha-methylacyl-CoA racemase: A variably sensitive immuno-histochemical marker for the diagnosis of small prostate cancer foci on needle biopsy Am J Surg Pathol 2003; 27: 1128-33.
Thyroid core needle biopsy illustrates neoplastic cells staining positive for myeloperoxidase (A) and CD34 (B) (original magnification x40).
Percutaneous core needle biopsy versus open biopsy in diagnostics of bone and soft tissue sarcoma: a retrospective study.
Reliability of prognostic factors in breast carcinoma determined by core needle biopsy.
Our aim is to determine the diagnostic yield of closed percutaneous biopsy using Abrams needle biopsy technique.
Total of 68 patients underwent core needle biopsy in department of interventional radiology at Shifa international hospital.
For the older woman, cancer cells from the needle biopsy in mid-October were not detected because of the sample mix-up.
0%) received the transrectal needle biopsy prior to TURP.
Role of core needle biopsy in the treatment of radial scar.
For the second development study, the researchers evaluated 81 predictive genes from needle biopsy tissue in 167 patients, 58 of whom had adverse pathology at prostatectomy.
1] Tissue sampling can be accomplished by open incisional biopsy, fine-needle aspiration (FNA), image guided core needle biopsy (CNB) and excision biopsy.