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sup][13],[14],[15],[16] In these studies, the suture was performed bidirectionally with two needle drivers in which the loops of both suture threaded by the opposite needles.
Each has a standard surgical tip, with functions such as a needle driver, scissors, dissectors, scalpel, etc.
Using fine wire of the same diameter and flexibility of the human hair, the company has developed a battery-powered, reusable applicator that can pass stainless steel suture through tissues of varying degrees of thickness, as well as patch materials, without the use of a needle or needle driver.
I prefer to use three instruments during the procedure: the fenestrated bipolar grasper, the monopolar scissors, and the mega suture-cut needle driver.
The left arm of the interlocked V-Loc suture was then lifted cephalad and anteriorly with the left needle driver, while the open right needle driver sat on the bladder tissue to serve as a fulcrum point to avoid tissue tearing.
In a four-handed procedure, one hand is on the camera, one on the uterine manipulator, and the remaining two hands operate the articulating grasper, vessel sealer, or needle driver, depending on the task.