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When we work in the pelvis, especially deep in the cul-de-sac, nothing can beat the needle holder, scissors, or cautery of a robotic device, where roticulating capability makes it possible to do minimal invasive surgery instead of open surgery.
When die surgeon opens the package, sticks die needle holder in and pulls out that suture," he says, "there's a great deal of research and a tremendous amount of technology that's being placed in their hands.
According to Tom Sutton, Bio-Plexus will unveil the newly re-designed Punctur-Guard Winged Set for Blood Collection and the Punctur-Guard Revolution needle holder in Dusseldorf.
individual sterilization package * suture material: external - transparent film, to visualize information about the suture material; internal - from foil, with information about the suture material and designated access for convenient gripping with the needle holder.
The Autonomy Laparo-Angle line includes a needle holder, electrocautery-capable Metzenbaum scissors, Maryland dissector and electrosurgery hook.
This area might be technically difficult to expose and might require the assistance of a long angled tonsil needle or a regular needle angled with a needle holder (figure 2, G).
For example, the suture needle should be loaded into the needle holder with forceps.
The Revolution is a multiple use, quick release needle holder designed for use with our Punctur-Guard(R) Blood Collection Needle.
intubation head for adult with stand - 3, laparoscopic box-simulator with camera and portable computer configuration - 3, endoscopic reusable needle holder - 6, intestinal forceps - 10 pcs .
This eliminates the need to reposition the suture needle using one's hand or a second needle holder, freeing the nondominant hand to continue to hold the wound tissue in position with less pulling, regrasping and handling.
NASDAQ:BPLX), designer, developer, manufacturer, and marketer of safety medical products under the PUNCTUR-GUARD(R) name, today announced it's DROP-IT(R) Needle Holder has been awarded patent protection from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.