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Prospective comparison between conventional transseptal puncture and transseptal needle puncture with radiofrequency energy.
Needle puncture scars from midtrimester amniocentesis.
Researchers have investigated the use of povidone-iodine ointment at the needle puncture site during hemodialysis and after needle removal as a method to prevent infection of the dialysis graft or fistula.
9) With the use of ultrasound guidance, a percutaneous needle puncture was performed and guidewire passage was verified using fluoroscopy and by opacifying the collecting system with a retrograde-injected contrast medium.
An investigator also noticed an old needle puncture wound on Houston's inner left elbow.
It's just like a needle puncture and, with the use of ultrasound, is extremely accurate," said Dr Sobeh.
The patient was aware that pain might occur during the needle puncture despite local anaesthetic infiltration and that more local anaesthetic could be administered during the procedure.
The ImaGINe-S (Imaging Guided Interventional Needle puncture Simulation) uses similar technology to an X-Box or Wii game to recreate the feeling of guiding a surgical needle into the body.
Malaria acquired by accidental needle puncture (letter).
The comments came as pictures emerged showing what are believed to be needle puncture marks on the star's ankles and a large wound on his right shin - thought to have been caused by his injection of drugs.
No machine and only one needle puncture every three days seemed like the perfect solution to her struggles, so from there she came up with the idea for the device.
In corpses, one of the mostly used methods to determine tissue thicknesses is the needle puncture method (Suzuki, 1948; Rhine & Campbell, 1980; Simpson & Henneberg, 2002; Domaracki & Stephan, 2006; Suazo et al.