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Several factors like type and design of needle, recapping activity, handling or transferring specimens, clean up activity, manipulating needles in patients line related work and failure to dispose of the needle in puncture proof containers causes needle stick injuries.
The questionnaire consisted of a simple tick box format with few open ended questions and with sections for demographic items, type of device that caused the injury, number of needle stick injuries, causes, training, reporting of injuries, personal protective equipment, working conditions and duty shifts.
PEP for needle stick injuries from HIV positive sources includes 2 or 3 anti-retrovirals and warrants logistic support in terms of ready availability of a "starter pack" of these drugs being kept in the Emergency Room (ER) with sufficient drugs for 48 h so that injuries on week ends can immediately be initiated on treatment.
UNIVEC develops, manufactures, licenses and markets safety auto-destruct hypodermic syringes, designed to protect healthcare workers against needle stick injuries and patients against cross-infection resulting from reused needles and syringes.
The SecurAcath system is designed to improve catheter securement by decreasing catheter maintenance time and related costs, reducing catheter-related infections by improving cleaning of catheter exit site and minimizing catheter motion, decreasing skin surface issues, and eliminating needle stick injuries that may occur when suturing catheters.
Technology Solves Health Issues, Costs Related to Contaminated Needle Stick Injuries
SurFlash and SurFlash Plus Safety IV Catheters have a passive safety technology that completely encapsulates the needle reducing the risk of needle stick injuries and exposure to blood borne pathogens.
the 360-degree Fascia Closure Device(TM) is the first safe suturing device available to prevent inadvertent suture needle stick injuries to surgeons, OR nurses, patients, and other hospital personnel during the riskiest aspect of all surgery: fascia closure.
The Daniels Sharpsmart System has been independently tested and shown to reduce needle stick injuries by more than 80 percent, and brings real value to the HealthPro members.
The availability of this novel device helps Merit to increase its safety product line at a time when hospitals are increasingly concerned about reducing the risks of needle stick injuries to health care workers," said Fred P.
The Hepatitis C virus can be spread through sharing needles or syringes; needle stick injuries in a health care setting; childbirth, if the mother has the virus; and blood transfusions or organ transplants before widespread screening of blood supplies began in 1992.
The device will allow flexibility for Pharmaceutical Partners and is intended to ensure that there is no exposure to potential needle stick injuries at any time during or after use and provide additional convenience for self-injecting patients.