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After which he hang the framed needlepoint on his wall for everyone to see.
The company's specialty, the needlepoint belt, features everything from a golden retriever to a carp, making it the perfect gift to showcase any personality.
If I can finish my needlepoint in time, I'll definitely watch tonight.
Needlepoint has already got the thumbs up from local MP Jacqui Smith, who said it would put Redditch on the map.
They brought objects including fossils more than a million years old, an axe head from pre-historic times, an old fashioned iron, a key, a piece of needlepoint work and a Second World War helmet.
It would be good for so many things--playing the piano, dancing, painting, needlepoint.
The two Lib Dems elected were retired needlepoint teacher Alex Evans, 64, from Tongwynlais and public relations worker Gavin Cox, 34, of Splott.
Another entry made creative use of needlepoint to depict the country and its surrounding seas.
Needlepoint, especially, is a medium that up to now has been overlooked by most Canadian artists, and Native Canadian needlepoint designs are rarest of all.
The 15-specialized tips slide on over the heating element, with styles that include needlepoint, round, multi-groove and feather tip.
Barrientos writes a story that uses her own Guatemalan heritage to develop characters and themes that are as richly embroidered in details and as colorful as the needlepoint pillows Nita creates to express her feelings.