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In 1829, for example, they said it was about to come down, and one of the local papers - the Birmingham Journal - dubbed it needless by name and needless by nature.
Needless regularly play gigs in the North East, including at the Head of Steam in Newcastle.
Producers of needless knickknacks everywhere are pouncing at the chance to cash in on Pope-mania.
And needless to say, Percy and Holly were very sweet and the food was excellent.
However, even were I to accept this figure, it would be 374 needless deaths in UK hospitals.
Needless to say, the treaty contains no penalties for this sort of piracy.
Now that trim seal can be cut, bonded by film splice and shipped to the manufacturer ready-to-install, many needless hours of labor and the chance of human error can be eliminated, according to the company.
But the best story, needless to say, was Whitney Houston The poor thing was ordering beer and ice cream at 4 in the morning, and the dear answered the door in what looked like a ratty Aunt Jemima headscarf.
Needless to say, if the government tried to establish this kind of aggressive atheism, religious believers would justifiably object.
Needless to say Dad cried and many of us also cried.
Their report concludes that there is every reason to expect that if P3 hospitals were established in Ontario, they would result in "a deterioration of hospital services, diminished accountability, an increase in two-tier care, and needless cost.
In announcing the dismissal, a spokesperson for the collective effort of the three metalcasting associations said, "The industry's collective effort saves aluminum foundries and diecasters thousands of dollars in needless administrative and compliance changes and ensures that the industry's and EPA's scarce resources are applied where they are most needed, and where they will provide the biggest 'bang for the buck.