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He is using earthy language again, something he has done all his political career, as a way to connect, by needlessly insulting women as a target of abuse.
Sarah-Jane Martin, from road safety charity Brake, said: "Young drivers are the most likely to crash because of a combination of age and inexperience, and too many young lives are being needlessly wasted.
The report highlights that the scandal of Stafford Hospital, where up to 1,200 patients died needlessly, was not unique.
We've all read reports about children who have been brain-damaged at birth; about patients who have had the wrong limb or organ removed in surgery, and about children who have been needlessly injured at school.
Spread the Warmth aims help prevent thousands of older people suffering needlessly this winter and to reduce the number of preventable winter deaths among people in later life.
A spokesman said: "This decision means more people will needlessly lose their sight.
John Neilson, managing director of NHS Shared Business Services, said cash is being needlessly squandered by health trusts who are paying multiple prices for identical equipment - ranging from stationery to surgical instruments.
A WHISTLEBLOWING student nurse who exposed a hospital trust where up to 1,200 people died needlessly has been thrown off her training course.
Renowned photographer Rankin and development charity Sightsavers International launch the World Sight Day campaign highlighting that over 20 million women worldwide are needlessly blind.
The mismanagement of vehicles and equipment can needlessly cost a company millions of dollars, a problem that a Kapuskasing-based computing service and software developer is working to eliminate.
Those divisions have been overcome, in large measure, by growing worldwide hostility toward what is seen--by reasonable people, as well as Marxist ideologues--as Washington's needlessly bellicose and militaristic foreign policy.