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As to the human's self-organizing and his needlessness of ultra-self, Descartes believes: "as every concept is the result of the mind, its nature is in a way that no imaginary reality is supposed of it on its own, unless it is driven from thought or mind and also concept is an aspect of the thought or mental aspects or in the other way, our way of thinking".
The thing I would take issue with is the needlessness of it.
Readers are steered from the seven rhetorical sins (melodrama, needlessness, cliche, pretension, craftiness, perkiness, and wordiness) with particularly odious examples.
In a way, that signals the needlessness of the third dimension in the context of this particular film.
Our country's ambassadors must preserve and maintain the Islamic Republic of Iran's grandeur, prestige, and needlessness, while trying to improve comprehensive relations of Iran in all fields with the world," he added.
They suggest that, for the Gospel's author, Q's prohibition of anxiety should not be reduced to consolations about the needlessness or futility of worry, but that the prohibition gently scolds the audience for attending to the wrong issue, and redirects their attention.
Barnett's response to this argument would likely highlight what he would see as the needlessness of such a proposal.
In a remarkable series of poems, Yeats endeavored to come to honest terms with Gregory's death, straining to find affirmative meaning in it for himself and Gregory's family, beyond its seeming needlessness and waste.
Even in asserting its needlessness, the state's language makes religiosity central to civic life, in a way harnessing religious feeling for the success of the Revolution.
Katyayana argued: avaradinam ca punah sutrapathe grahananarthakyam gane pathitatvat "And needlessness of repetitive citation in the Text of Rules of avara, etc.
Here not only the needlessness of the lord's conduct is
Once the debate ends, maybe we can get on with a rational solution for the shortage of body organs resulting in so many needlessness deaths every year.