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Seeing his total want of care and forethought, Captain Bonneville determined to let him suffer a little, in hopes it might prove a salutary lesson; and, at any rate, to make him no more presents while in the neighborhood of his needy cousins.
He was then helped on a horse, which Captain Bonneville presented to him; and after many parting expressions of good will on both sides, set off on his return to his old haunts; doubtless, to be once more plucked by his affectionate but needy cousins.
This Rokesmith is a needy young man that I take for my Secretary out of the open street.
I buy goods of my needy brethren; I lend money to those who are not ready for their payments.
Even did he do pick-and- shovel work, for the municipality, for three days, when he had to give way, according to the impartial procedure, to another needy one whom three days' work would keep afloat a little longer.
The everlasting question with your needy fellow-creatures, 'Where am I to get money?
Oh, he's a good one, and I fancy the half of that reward is enough for me if you're needy.
With them also were the pick of the Gascon chivalry--the old Duc d'Armagnac, his nephew Lord d'Albret, brooding and scowling over his wrongs, the giant Oliver de Clisson, the Captal de Buch, pink of knighthood, the sprightly Sir Perducas d'Albret, the red-bearded Lord d'Esparre, and a long train of needy and grasping border nobles, with long pedigrees and short purses, who had come down from their hill-side strongholds, all hungering for the spoils and the ransoms of Spain.
Many men with fewer sympathies for the distressed and needy, with less abilities and harder hearts, have made a shining figure and left a brilliant fame.
Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi's constituency office staff have donated food hampers to six needy families.
NAWABSHAH -- Rukhsar trust is welfare oraginzation which have been working since long time for needy women and men.
He said it was encouraging that Barrister Abid Waheed Sheikh has promoted transparency, efficiency and accessibility in Pakistan Bait Ul Mall by introducing IT integrated system and e-governance that has greatly facilitated the needy people including those in need of urgent medical treatment.