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Responding to it, Harsimrat said that Chaudhry's tweet showed his frustrations and nefarious designs.
Meanwhile, federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan, Ali Amin Gandapur has said that India could not achieve its nefarious designs by increasing the number of troops in the held Valley.
Condemning the use of cluster bombs by the Indian Army against civilian population, they said the people of Pakistan were standing shoulder to shoulder with the Pakistani armed forces against Indian aggression and its nefarious designs of changing legal status of the disputed valley as well as its demography.
He said, Pashtun from throughout the country have realized the nefarious designs of enemies and they are along with their law enforcement agencies.
The prime minister said the anti-state elements wanted to create division and chaos among the masses, which required joint efforts to foil such nefarious designs of the enemies.
Now was the time to expose India's nefarious design against Pakistan before the whole world, he added.
A couple of weeks ago, ( Nintendo Everything revealed that "Nefarious" is coming to the Switch console.
India employed such tactics in the past but failed, and this time too, Kashmiris will thwart its nefarious designs, President Masood emphasised.
Summary: He even baited a few of his colleagues to join him in his nefarious designs.
He said that the conspirators would fail in their nefarious designs and ultimately truth and justice would prevail.
Hasanov said the claims made against Azerbaijan in the article, titled "Is the Council of Europe giving up on human rights?" are subjective, biased and serve the nefarious interests of certain external anti-Azerbaijan circles.
KOHAT -- Commissioner Kohat Musarat Hussain has stressed on the unity of Muslims and appealed from all religious sects to help the administration during the Muharam ul Haram to foil the nefarious designs of the Muslims enemies.