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The other obvious issue is "that lots of people have video cameras around their properties" that aren't being used nefariously, he said.
He also termed the killing of ulema in Karachi as a bid to fuel hatred and violence in Karachi among society, and a nefariously dangerous bid to incite sectarian violence.
The Opposition is responsible to the extent that they failed to counter in the states they ruled notably Karnataka a nefariously designed campaign to strike panic amongst settlers from the north east.
there was wrongdoing in the city's past assessing practices - but with some of the language he used in describing some of the issues, the public could not help but get the impression that assessors nefariously manipulated the valuations for commercial and industrial properties to keep them lower than they should have been.
to have often wickedly made ambushes against felons fleeing for sanctuary to the friars' hospice and church and watches by day and night within their fences, and sometimes nefariously entering the enclosures and rushing upon the fugitives and laying hands and blows upon them have sacrilegiously expelled and dragged them forth in contempt of the friars and their ecclesiastical liberty, breaking their houses and walls and treading down their gardens; whereby their liberty is violated, celebrations of divine service are disturbed, the peace and quiet of the people are injured and the friars dare not come from their close.
The changing attitudes of the youth and their enthusiastic endorsements of not only police officers but police practices after participating in the program, was not an outcome that was nefariously designed, but it worked well to advance the institutional interests of the police.
Melinda Palacio's Ocotillo Dreams manages to take the reader inside the world of those trying to make new lives for themselves, whether honorably or nefariously.
PLO officials in Israel -- as well as Syrian officials -- have accused Israel of similar nefariously improbable plots in the past.
But it also more nefariously shaped us as technology moved from responding to necessity into the mere "procurement of pleasures and luxuries" by way of mechanization and commodification.
But the promise is accompanied by the risks of "bio-terror" and "bio-error"--that the same techniques, either nefariously or inadvertently, might create organisms that would harm public health or the environment.
Although the tools of globalization can be used nefariously, many