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1-207" does not negate or cast doubt in this manner.
Ferrari's calligraphies paradoxically seem not to foster communication but to express the incommunicable, for the drawings collapse into themselves, negate their own premises, arrive at zero.
Does the length of time between the event cited as a reason and the due date for the required activity negate the event's effect?
The addition of testosterone doesn't negate the positive cardiovascular effects of estrogen," Wagner says.
A Social Security Administration official said the lack of resources for 1994 and the probable passage of some sort of health care reform in 1995 could negate the need for the data bank.
Hung at picture height in a darkened room, the boxes negate their own clunkiness and turn into hazy, glowing paintings that evoke hilly, home-dotted views of Los Angeles's Highland Park, which gave them their shared title, Terrace 49.
If further studies negate the drug's promise, then the FDA can revoke approval.
I was probing a repetition that conceals a terrifying paradox: To fold Heizer's piece back on itself, or to fold it forward, is to negate its being, or to bring its being to a higher power.
Since one in four of the young men eluded accurate classification based on physiological responses, the results "do not negate the potential role of social and psychological variables in predicting criminal behavior," Raine says.