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However, he did not negate his relationship with the child according to the law.
Other researchers stress that the retraction, published in the September Nature Medicine, doesn't negate the potential of using fused tumor and immune cells to stimulate a patient's immune system against cancer.
In other words, no other section can negate its rules.
Which is exactly what you need at home plate, where a mistake can negate a run or reward you with the winning tally.
Even though the section contained no specific language regarding such interests, it did not negate any substantive rights under state law, according to the IRS.
At times, Jeanene Jarvie resembled former New York City Ballet principal Maria Calegari--both are redheads; both show a reserve that doesn't negate commitment.
JanMohamed's "Negating the Negation: The Construction of Richard Wright" defines Black Boy as Wright's dialectics, in which "not only does racist society negate Wright, but he too must negate himself, at least in public" (297).
The EIC process produces complete combustion of fuel-oxidizer mixtures in cyclic detonations that negate unwanted NOx and CO emissions.
Ferrari's calligraphies paradoxically seem not to foster communication but to express the incommunicable, for the drawings collapse into themselves, negate their own premises, arrive at zero.
At the same time, if the addition does not negate or cast doubt on the validity of the jurat, Form 1040 may be treated as a valid return.
The SEC warns that resignation from the audit does not negate the auditors' obligation to furnish the report to the SEC.