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Kanpur [Uttar Pradesh] [India], Feb 20 ( ANI ): The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) here on Tuesday negated the reports of detainment of Rotomac Global Pvt Ltd.
He said that India has been negated by the world media for its nefarious designs as these were unacceptable in the age of economic and financial development, adding that such activities should be noticed by the world community who should convince that war was not the solution to the problems in the region.
A: The SCSI bus started with passive negation, the terminators bias the bus to the negated state and the driver only asserts.
There's nothing more irritating than seeing the runner have his steal negated by the batter foul-tipping the pitch.
where rent control laws are less strict, or where depopulation has negated their impact.
JanMohammed turns to the theory of social death by Orlando Patterson to show how the controlling mechanisms of white dominant culture intentionally negated the slave's mind and thus power and identity (producing social death).
that such items have no major adverse side-effects on the psychometric properties of an instrument); and (3) no major differences exist in psychometric quality between the two types of positively-scored items (regular and negated polar opposite; e.
for an understanding of the structure of the positive NVC must precede that of the negated NVC.
18 (ANI): Congress leader Salman Khurshid on Saturday said that the Parliament stand on Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) can't be negated.
First of all, her new work now negated the Constructivists' confidence in an alliance of sculptural and techno-scientistic rationality that American Minimalism had proudly presented as salvaged.