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JanMohammed turns to the theory of social death by Orlando Patterson to show how the controlling mechanisms of white dominant culture intentionally negated the slave's mind and thus power and identity (producing social death).
for an understanding of the structure of the positive NVC must precede that of the negated NVC.
Pressures arising from CLICE's expected premium growth are likely to be negated through the use of reinsurance.
In doing so, Pepperdine negated the Badgers' size advantage.
But this feeling of relief is negated immediately by a well-founded suspicion.
In the soldiers' car, where most of the key dialogue exchanges occur, the subadar repeatedly shows his clear superiority to those around him, while at the same time he is completely negated by the other characters, who do not even acknowledge his existence by name, always referring to him only by title.
Balboa's rating was removed from under review following the demonstrated capital support provided by its parent, Countrywide Financial Corporation (NYSE: CFC), and its willingness and ability to replenish the capital negated by Hurricane Katrina.
If the evidence raised areasonable doubt as to whether the danger perceived by defendant negated criminal intent, you must find that such intent was not formed.
This motif of the negated glance recurs regularly in Maloberti's work.
The argument we don't have money to transport and expand renewable energy, is negated by the payment of hundreds of millions of dollars to transport it for destruction.
He seemed to fumble the ball away for the second time in the game but was bailed out by a facemask penalty that negated the turnover.
reversed an award of summary judgment for Abbott on the ground that Apotex' evidence cast serious doubt on, if not completely negated, some of Abbott's infringement proofs.