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This was stated by the Acting President FPCCI, Syed Mazhar Ali Nasir while criticizing the preferential treatment to Turkish local industries thus negating the spirit of FTA.
Since self-consciousness differs from mere consciousness just by this negating movement, "self-consciousness is desire" ([section]174/143).
So, it obviously shows the success of the security forces in negating whatever designs infiltrators have," Omar Abdullah said.
Not only negating any notion of an innate sculptural dynamic toward architecture and collective public experience in the present, her ruinous refusals assaulted the governing codes and prevailing conditions of German reconstruction architecture in all its misery.
What has happened is that Becks is now a deeplying play-maker, thus effectively negating the strengths of Gerrard, Lampard and Rooney.
Do you realize that as wind development increases, so will a consequent need for conventional power stations, negating any benefits?
Mark Andrews, Carriere's general sales manager, says a plate inside the ejector bucket is powered by cylinders that push out muck, negating the need to have height to dump the bucket's contents into a truck.
* Provides a single point of management for replication services, reducing or negating the need for multiple back up/restore tools and licenses
In effect, the playing field had changed and the cost to play was the cost of the CRM or SFA system, negating any individual firm's ROI.
Joshua Micah Marshall ("The Post-Modern President," September) explains President Bush's repeated lies as the result of trying to fit the world into a preconceived ideological mold, an effort that requires discarding or negating inconvenient facts.
We gave him yards to place a free header past Given, thus negating Solano's superb free-kick.
The second way of negating bracket-creep involves regular re-adjustments of the income tax brackets in order to overcome the effects of inflation.