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For they are clearly not in greater darkness or negation than not-being, or more full of light and existence than being.
To the sentiment of being alone of one's kind, to the clear perception of the loneliness of one's thoughts, of one's sensations--to the negation of the habitual, which is safe, there is added the affirmation of the unusual, which is dangerous; a suggestion of things vague, uncontrollable, and repulsive, whose discomposing intrusion excites the imagination and tries the civilized nerves of the foolish and the wise alike.
He's without as much faith as is necessary for complete negation, and without that much law as is implied in lawlessness.
Remember, Razumov, that women, children, and revolutionists hate irony, which is the negation of all saving instincts, of all faith, of all devotion, of all action.
As for other acquaintances, there is a chill air surrounding those who are down in the world, and people are glad to get away from them, as from a cold room; human beings, mere men and women, without furniture, without anything to offer you, who have ceased to count as anybody, present an embarrassing negation of reasons for wishing to see them, or of subjects on which to converse with them.
While some candidate negations are then ruled out as violating plausible constraints on compatibility, different specifications of the notion of world support different logical conducts for (the admissible) negations.
Through six provocative negations, Hall takes us through parts of what have been considered to be of the essence or even the essence of Christianity only to tell us, no
Nabil Shaath, a senior Palestinian Authority (PA) official, told foreign correspondents in Ramallah that negations would not resume until Israel completely stopped settlement activity, without "loopholes," and a commitment from Israel to establish an independent Palestinian state.
THE OPENING PAGES OF Brian Cosgrove s study, James Joyce's Negations.
The two represented the building's owner, an affiliate of Beacon Capital Partners, LLC, in lease negations with Harris Beach.
The material is divided into three sections: the analytical concordance of the verb, negations, and an analytical study of the sentence.
Affixal and non-affixal negations exclude what is traditionally referred to as lexical or inherent negation (sec, for example, Givon, English 202).