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NEGATION. Denial. Two negations are construed to mean one affirmation. Dig. 50, 16, 137.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Having offered six negations, Hall brings us to the heart of the matter by sharing an image offered by Japanese novelist Shusaku Endo, in his novel Silence.
A negation is an invalidation, but not reciprocally - since an invalidation signifies a (partial or total) degree of negation, so invalidation may not necessarily be a complete negation.
THE OPENING PAGES OF Brian Cosgrove s study, James Joyce's Negations." Irony, Indeterminacy and Nihilism in "Ulysses" and Other Writings, are invigorating in their clarity of purpose.
An analytical concordance of the verb, the negation, and the syntax in Egyptian coffin texts; 2v.
His use of negations is to separate ourselves from everything that is not God, and thus to find oneself in mystical union with God, a union without distinction of self and God, which is another topic.
Tachikawa takes it as his task to correct old misinterpretations of Middle Stanzas, e.g., that the text is supralogical or merely paradoxical, especially by clarifying Nagarjuna's use of the two forms of negation later made explicit by the Buddhist logicians.
The values on the cards were implicitly binary (male/female; presence/absence of red flower) in at least two of the four lexical rules used and the difficulty of double negations was observed in this study as well.
Implicit and incorporated negations function in discourse similarly to their positive counterparts when, for example, covert negations are processed more readily than constructions with overt negation.
Having in hand the basics of stit theory and a fuller account of the concept of an agentive, we are now prepared to continue our exploration of imperatives, concerning ourselves with negation. Before presenting the stit versions, there is a survey of Hamblin's classification of imperative negations.
The surrounding contextual formulae and sequences are moved back and forth across the turnstile by use of structural negations. That is, sequences are signed true or false.
Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services managing director Esther Kimani yesterday confirmed that after long negations, the export market has now been re-opened.