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Furthermore, few studies with humans have directly compared positive and negative contrast, and those that have were human-operant arrangements (cf.
Effect of clonidine on negative contrast and novelty-induced stress.
Administration of corticosterone after the first downshift trial enhances consummatory successive negative contrast. Behavioral Neuroscience, 120 (2), 371-376
In a study of 168 adult patients undergoing CT imaging for abdominal discomfort, drinking milk achieved bowel distension and enhancement comparable to that seen after using the negative contrast agent VoLumen (E-Z-EM), Dr.
Negative contrast agents make the lumen of the intestine appear dark, while the IV contrast makes the intestinal wall appear bright.
The paper defines and discusses the character of five such myths, explaining the negative contrast with the social sciences that accompanies each one.
In stark negative contrast, dogmatic Fire Brigade Union leaders still appear hell-bent on causing maximum economic disruption and inconvenience to the public by frequent wildcat strikes pursuing unachievable goals.
Considered 'the original people of Bali', their world often is defined in negative contrast to the better-known lowland kingdoms of later Majapahit-influenced court cultures.
Three types of Auer bodies in acute leukemia: visualization of their protein by negative contrast after peroxidase cytochemistry.
The black object has a negative contrast of 37% against the background of sand and seawater, and the gray object has a positive contrast of 35%.
Smerdiakov forms a negative contrast to Alesha, not a 'double', (pp.
This phenomenon, referred to as negative contrast, is what is observed when looking at an eclipse of the sun.