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At this time, 50% of patients had negative culture and had 100% nail clearance whilst only 2 patients (8%) showed no response.
The core principles common to all antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) programmes are: (i) correctly identifying patients who need antimicrobial therapy; (ii) using local and regional antibiograms to guide prescribing; (iii) avoiding antimicrobials with overlapping activity; (iv) administering the correct dose at the correct intervals; (v) regularly reviewing the culture results and adjusting antimicrobials appropriately; (vi) monitoring drug levels and adjusting the dose accordingly; and (vii) stopping antimicrobials promptly when guided by negative cultures.
2010) conducted a study on children with otitis media and negative culture results.
James Aguer, a council of churches official, said peace would transform South Sudan's negative culture of war.
In December another knee biopsy was performed that yielded a negative culture for fungal infection.
This negative culture can only be eradicated in families.
There must also be a belief in what you are selling and a degree of positivity which will not allow a person to be dragged down by our negative culture.
He demanded the civil society organizations to focus efforts on rising social awareness on the importance of partnership between man and woman and to intensify their programs to limit negative culture stilly dominating some social sectors.
Diagnosis depends on clinical features positive history of contact with lake water and negative culture of bacteria viruses and fungi CSF detection of free living amoebas observation of amoeba in rhinopharyngeal cavity wash and testing with monoclonal antibodies2.
They were also of concerted opinion that the so-called disobedience was setting a negative culture of political confrontation and rebellion against the state over non-issues.
Creating a positive work environment means changing a culture, perhaps a negative culture that is deeply engrained One class or a few discussions at staff meetings will not change a culture It takes a strong commitment from the top down AND from the bottom up
The gold standard for the definitive diagnosis of TB remains the identification of MTB; therefore, all results were measured against a positive or negative culture.