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Patients with dry crust present at the exit site were more likely to have negative culture results (p=0.
As such, a negative culture does not rule out HSV-2.
They were initially reluctant to participate and have fun, because they are nurtured by a very negative culture.
Collins has also used his psychological sessions with his sports shrink to rise above the negative culture of modern football.
Reporting back, PNA Anne Brinkman said themes to emerge were knowledge deficits, skill mix, a sense of feeling under-valued and powerless, a negative culture and lack of managerial support.
Those skills are often one among many enablers of a negative culture.
Written to counter a negative culture of self-hatred by cultivating appreciation for the holy qualities of the physical body as God's temple, Divining the Body focuses on different physical parts chapter by chapter: the feet, legs, hands, back, generative organs, belly, heart, breasts, throat, ears, eyes and brain.
MANAGERS in the retail sector are overworked, put business ahead of family, and work within a negative culture, according to a survey by the Chartered Management Institute and Adecco.
If the board and the president are devoting time and energy to a negative culture, then they're not devoting themselves to academic standards.
Hendrickson said a negative culture on a nasal swab doesn't rule out an exposure to anthrax.