negative evidence

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To perform the services only personnel may be used, which was previously reliability checked and there are no negative evidence.
As discussed in the company's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2011 (at pages 33 -34), the company has been periodically assessing relevant positive and negative evidence.
AoWeAAEve seen no negative evidence of any breaching,Ao Wells said.
We've seen no negative evidence of any breach there,' Kent Wells, BP's senior vice-president of exploration and production, was quoted as saying in our sister publication, the Gulf Daily News.
While supporting evidence-based policy is easy when results are positive, decisions are harder with negative evidence.
They found no evidence of XMRV in any of the patients or the controls, adding to the negative evidence in the two previous studies.
One of the key messages to all we teachers was that we should suppress all negative evidence by people who come with complaints resulting from the practice of the breathing exercises.
A strong commitment to one side of a dispute tends to make one overlook negative evidence and overstress the importance of positive evidence.
Granted, same-sex relations among our "founding fathers" may have existed, with the evidence still out on how amorous these were; but to connect this to a larger clandestine network of early American monarchists among the founders seems to conjure up conspiracy theories and secret cabals that are predicated mostly on negative evidence.
While punctuated equilibrium (PE) reflected in the fossil record is a strong negative evidence to the underlying principle of phyletic gradualism (PG) enshrined in the evolutionary theory, the phenomenon of cell-directed mutagenesis challenges another tenet of the theory, namely, the requirement of stochastic mutations produced by extra-cellular agents to create heritable changes in the organism.
The negative evidence to date is quite overwhelming," Meyer says.
For example, it rapidly became assumed by many that any kind of negative evidence is absent in language input (Valian, 1999; Moerk, 2000).