negative result

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Still, with these, as [67] with all other genuine priests, it is the positive not the negative result that justifies the position.
Peterson had tried to publish his work elsewhere: "I received positive reviews from another journal, but was rejected because it was a largely replicative study with a negative result.
Our new data suggest that the same caution should be used when interpreting a negative result from any qualitative hCG-testing device.
They used a prospective observational study of incidence of cervical cancer after the third consecutive negative result based on individual level data in a Dutch national registry of histopathology and cytopathology (PALGA).
But we can't go there with a negative attitude because we'll get a negative result.
But yesterday a spokesman for the trust said they were not aware of any woman finding out she was actually pregnant after being given a false negative result.
This means that the test may have given a negative result even though the woman was pregnant.
In any case this negative result should not prejudice people against clinical trials of other kinds of intermittent antiretroviral treatment, with very different patients, procedures, and goals.
6,7) Our patient had a negative result on ANA testing but had histone antibody that reflected the clinical course.
NVSL used the immunohistochemistry (IHC) test, an internationally-recognized gold standard test for BSE, and received a negative result on Nov.
Some home test kits say that a negative result at that point indicates "you probably are not pregnant," and one kit definitively states "you are not pregnant.
Physicists don't expect a negative result, which would mean that antimatter should have won the cosmic demolition derby.