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The diverticulum was clearly obscured by the tracer concentration in the bladder, leading to a negative study.
The results of a negative study may provide useful information concerning other areas within the business unit.
and a negative study appeared in March in the Journal of the American Medical Association, where magnets were found to not be beneficial in treatment of chronic low-back pain,'' he said.
I think some people don't have the confidence because even one negative study could have a bad impact.
However, recent negative study results, showing an increased risk of heart attacks, stroke, breast cancer and blood clots, have led to a decline in HRT usage.
A negative study on one product gets twisted into a conclusion that "Herbs don't work, "or "Vitamins are worthless.
When you see a negative study | about the effect of treating mental disorders in a pregnant woman], keep in mind that there is often a lack of information about the mother's diagnosis.
In contrast, of the 36 studies that were considered negative or questionable, only three were published as a negative study.