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Crying"Foul" after every negative study does little to build the industry's scientific credibility.
One might also consider if there is a legal implication of how a positive or negative study affects a product or ingredient in the marketplace, as well as how well the science of product design--and even study design--is vetted prior to production.
the trial sponsor, as some observers dismissed ARISE as a negative study.
A recently updated analysis from 1 negative study showed a decrease in the incidence of estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer, adding support for the effectiveness of tamoxifen in some high-risk women.
Mark Blumenthal, director of the American Botanical Council, said that a big negative study often overshadows a whole body of evidence favoring a particular herb, leading to a warped view of its clinical utility.
In many people's minds, this randomized, double-blind trial of 6,112 patients with COPD was a negative study, because mortality rates for salmeterol or fluticasone propionate monotherapies did not differ significantly from placebo.
Despite some positive effects, CALGB 9633 "can be interpreted as a negative study and, perhaps I should say, should be interpreted as a negative study," he said.
Some retailers overreacted to the first negative study," says Rexall-Sundown president of sales Nickolas Palin.
With regard to the primary end point [rash prevention], this was a negative study," Dr.
Our future directions are not to give up with this one negative study," Dr.
In another conference session, Harvard Medical School researcher Julie Buring explained that a recent negative study on antioxidant vitamins and lung cancer conducted in Finland must be put in context with all the evidence on the value of antioxidants in disease prevention.