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If recognition of the problem individuals is fast, speedy, and quick, then it is safe to rely upon the age old held opinion that negativism is impermanent because it is on conflict with man's innate nature of being positive.
The recent history shows negativism of any kind would grow out of control very soon among the teeming millions in South Asia, breeding more problems than solutions while deference to ideals of Saarc charter has a potential to succeed and may not do harm in any case.
The rabbi gave a blistering Yom Kippur sermon advising his congregation "not to let our country be divided and polarized by those who use the technique of alliteration"an allusion to the Safire-penned speech for Vice President Spiro Agnew criticizing "the nattering nabobs of negativism.
In a general atmosphere of negativism and cynicism prevailing in the country, Engro Corp deserves our gratitude for providing this platform to showcase our successes and achievements.
The Capital confidence barometer, conducted this month, reveals that 67% of the executives are "more optimistic about their own company" and the local economy outlook, but a growing number of them look with greater negativism on the global environment because of severe measures, growing taxes, regulatory concerns and currency conflicts.
Spiro Agnew famously derided reporters and commentators as "nattering nabobs of negativism.
Decolonising the mind will probably be more efficiently achieved by a positive attitude than by negativism.
Ricardo Saludo, President Gloria Arroyo's spokesman, said the match had been a temporary break from negativism, disputes, criticisms, and even crime in the country because everyone will be glued to their television sets for the spectacle.
According to this author, what is questioned is the use of this concept to classify the sensations and doubts that athletes may have in relation to their abilities during the moments immediately prior to competition, the use of the following terms being suggested: negativism when referring to the prevalence of negative thoughts; and physiological activation, due to the similarity with the physiological component of somatic anxiety.
While the church has a long way to go to shed its sex negativism, popular culture often promotes free love without responsible limits.
This competitive edge is very vital in speeding up the development of our society away from the laissez-faire negativism that has bogged down our societies while the world has been knocking on the edges of space.
Rather than encountering English negativism, the comments were positive and thoughtful.