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An omission to do or perform some work, duty, or act.

As used by U.S. courts, the term neglect denotes the failure of responsibility on the part of defendants or attorneys. Neglect is related to the concept of Negligence, but its rather limited use in the law sets it apart from that much broader doctrine. Generally speaking, neglect means omitting or failing to do something that is required. Neglect is often related to timeliness: examples include the failure of a taxpayer to file a timely income tax return and the failure of an attorney to meet a deadline for filing an appeal. In determining whether to rule against a party, courts consider the reason for the neglect, which can range from unavoidable accidents and hindrances to the less acceptable extreme of carelessness and indifference to duty.

Special terminology applies to some forms of neglect. Culpable neglect exists where a loss arises from an individual's carelessness, improvidence, or folly. Willful neglect applies to marital cases; it refers to the neglect of one spouse, historically the husband, to provide such essentials as food, shelter, and clothing to the other spouse, either because of refusal or indifference. Excusable neglect is used to grant exceptions in cases where neglect was the consequence of accident, unavoidable hindrance, reliance on legal counsel, or reliance on promises made by the adverse party. Excusable neglect can serve as the basis for a motion to vacate a judgment, as in the case of explaining why a deadline for filing an appeal could not be met. Under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, excusable neglect authorizes a court to permit an act to be done after the official deadline has expired (Fed. R. Civ. P. 6 (b)).


Child Abuse; Necessaries.


noun abandonment, absentmindedness, breach, bungling, careless abandon, carelessness, default, delinquency, dereliction, disregard, failure, heedlessness, idleness, improvidence, imprudence, inaction, inadvertence, inattention, inattentiveness, incuria, indifference, indiligence, inexecution, inexertion, laches, laxity, laxness, misprision, neglegentia, negligence, noncompletion, nonfeasance, nonfulfillment, nonobservance, nonperformance, omission, oversight, procrastination, rashness, recklessness, remissness, slackness, slight, sloth, slovenliness, thoughtlessness, unactivity, unconcern, unconscientiousness, unheedfulness, unobservance, unwariness, unwatchfulness
Associated concepts: culpable neglect, neglect of duty, neggect to act, neglect to prosecute, willful neglect
Foreign phrases: Magna culpa dolus est.Gross neglect is the equivalent of fraud.


verb be careless, be inattentive, be lax, disdain, disregard, fail, forget, gloss over, ignore, lay aside, leave alone, lose sight of, neglegere, not care for, not use, omit, overlook, pass by, pass over, pay no attention, pay no heed to, pay no regard to, pretermit, procrastinate, refuse to recognize, shirk, shun, skip, slight, take no note, take no notice
See also: blame, break, culpability, default, delinquency, dereliction, desuetude, disinterest, disobey, disregard, disrepair, disuse, eschew, exclude, ignore, inconsideration, indifference, laches, laxity, leave, maladministration, mismanage, misprision, nonpayment, nonperformance, nonuse, omission, omit, overlook, override, oversight, pretermit, procrastinate, rebuff, reject, rejection, repudiate, shirk, shun, spurn, violate
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Neglect means that a child's need for safety, physical care and love are not being met to an extent that could cause them serious lasting harm.
There were a further 91 contacts requesting advice about a child possibly facing neglect in Wales over the past 12 months.
Of the cases that have led to a child becoming the subject of a child protection plan, the majority had been as a result of neglect.
The charity is calling for "increased support for children who have suffered cruelty and neglect, to ensure they receive vital support services when they need them most".
Gillian Hendry and Craig Dick, both 34 at the time, were both jailed for more than two years after pleading guilty to child neglect at Teesside Crown Court.
Translated across the population, that suggests as many as 100,000 Lane County adults experienced child abuse or neglect.
However, neglect is not easily identified and often concealed--leading to chronic maltreatment over many years (Dubowitz, 2013).
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2) While child murders grab the headlines, child neglect is a far more prevalent and pervasive iniquity in our society and one from which we are signally failing to protect our most vulnerable.
Children suffer neglect more often than physical and sexual abuse combined.
Head of policy Viv Laing said: "We see child neglect as a major public health issue.