omission of duty

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He is well known for advising those who have suffered abuses of power or neglect of duty within the police and prison services.
President Duterte on Monday threatened to charge local officials of Boracay with serious neglect of duty for 'creating' an environmental 'disaster' in the world-famous resort.
Ghulam Rasool seeking an explanation for the serious and culpable neglect of duty.
Of the 21 policemen meted the penalty of dismissal from the service, 20 were found guilty of grave misconduct and one was found guilty of serious neglect of duty.
The most common complaints related to incivility, other assault (low-level assault) and neglect of duty.
A total of 575 cases ended with misconduct proceedings or advice to officers, including 102 relating to neglect of duty and six about corrupt practice.
Sergeant Michael Hetherington of the 1st Battalion, The Rifles, denies neglect of duty.
Lip service is such a deception not only to the person who vainly volunteers, but also to those who have to pick up the pieces of their neglect of duty.
Admiral John Byng was court martialled and shot on the quarterdeck of his own ship after being found guilty of neglect of duty.
Charged with negligence or neglect of duty are Col Jorge Mendonca, 41, lately of the QLR; Maj Michael Peebles, 34, and WO Mark Davies, 36, both of the Intelligence Corps.
The Very Rev John Methuen was to face 21 charges of conduct unbecoming the office and work of a clerk in Holy Orders and one offence of serious, persistent or continuous neglect of duty.
The data does not reveal the nature of the complaints but allegations investigated by the Police Complaints Authority include racially discriminatory behaviour, corrupt practice and neglect of duty.