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It's only an experiment, John, and I want to try it for your sake as much as for mine, because I've neglected you shamefully lately, and I'm going to make home what it used to be, if I can.
She realized that she had neglected her reading, and determined to start anew upon a course of improving studies, now that her time was completely her own to do with as she liked.
There hung all his great works, rejected by the Royal Academy, and neglected by the patrons of Art; and there, nevertheless, was he, blithely plying the brush; not rich, it is true, but certainly never without money enough in his pocket for the supply of all his modest wants.
Give them a picture with a good large ruin, fancy trees, prancing nymphs, and a watery sky; dirty it down dexterously to the right pitch; put it in an old frame; call it a Claude; and the sphere of the Old Master is enlarged, the collector is delighted, the picture-dealer is enriched, and the neglected modern artist claps a joyful hand on a well-filled pocket.
There is no branch of detective science which is so important and so much neglected as the art of tracing footsteps.
Having left the house, I proceeded to do what Gregson had neglected.
Though his adversary neglected the hills, he had planted his batteries with judgment on the plain, and caused them to be served with vigor and skill.
Action for Children described its research as finding a "worrying picture of neglected children in Wales".
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 31, 2012-Abbot and DNDi expand partnership to research new treatments for neglected tropical diseases(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
I READ the report on the neglected houses on the Hagley Road owned by Calthorpe Estates (Mail, August 27).
Professionals in the North East said they had encountered clear signals in schools, nurseries and hospitals that had alerted them to neglected children.