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758) four parenting categories--authoritative, indulgent, authoritarian, and neglectful were defined by trichotomizing the sample with a tertile split on each dimension--acceptance/involvement and strictness/imposition--and then examining both variables simultaneously.
Traffickers prey on youth of all ages, particularly homeless or runaway teens, those with uninvolved or neglectful parents, come from an abusive home, or have involvement with a child welfare system.
Mrs Elliott, who is now happily married, said: "I was a vulnerable child and they left me in the care of an unfit and neglectful parent.
Such situation causes neglectful attitude of the society to meeting energy efficiency requirements," he said.
With a basis in whether parents are responsive and/or demanding, parenting style can be divided into four types: authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and neglectful.
If there is good reason to believe that a child is cruel or neglectful of a parent then charge them, so that we may see if this is a case of the State safeguarding the vulnerable or yet another example of officialdom drunk with power.
Students whose scores were below the median both on acceptance/ involvement and strictness/supervision dimensions were assigned to the group of neglectful parenting style (n = 185).
This changes when a poet and his young son come into town, and the little boy, Bis, follows Merilee around and becomes a part of her family's life, because his father is a neglectful parent and alcoholic.
Statistics released by Merseyside Police Authority reveal the most dramatic rise in came in complaints that officers had failed or been neglectful when doing their job - a jump of 203%, from 35 in 2003 to 106 in 2004.
The School Uniform Grants Campaign has alleged that the council was guilty of maladministration and was neglectful in not consulting the Supplementary Benefits Commission before ending its pounds 350,000 school uniform grant last year.