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Secondly, differences in signal characteristics, especially in [V.sub.pp], between simulated and clinical EGMs are expected due to the following reasons: (i) precise and stable positioning of catheter being not feasible in a contracting heart, (ii) reduced contact force of the ablation catheters, (iii) curved and uneven surfaces of the heart, (iv) strong heterogeneity of myocardium, (v) fibrotic tissue, (vi) neglection of mechano-electric coupling, and (vii) ischemia due to penetration.
The country has a poor safety record in the construction and maintenance of buildings and houses due to continuous neglection from local governments.
This also concerned the neglection of culturally-regionally different depositional customs possibly distorting our image of past realities and bronze circulation.
The Romanians reacted in a unpredictable manner, as they also reacted against Basescu when the removal of a state secretary from the Ministry of Health sent them to the streets, as the neglection of the public health system had not done it.
The neglection of the disrupted disc material may press cauda equina and aggravate the neurological symptoms20 and excision of disc and interbody fusion are needed.3 In addition the displacement of vertebrae need to be reduced to relieve the oppression on nerve tissues.
However, too great a trust in the capacity of the electric toothbrush to brush teeth on its own may lead to the neglection of a rigorous cleaning.
Moreover, the ups and downs of the Umayyads, is the result of commitment and then neglection of the conditions below:
Duso and Roller (2003) provide empirical evidence of potential biases in estimated effects due to the neglection of the endogeneity of regulatory changes.
Compared with the simulated and experimental results, the frequency blueshift of about 0.54 GHz occurs, which is caused by the neglection of the near-field coupling between the two metallic layers.
Thus, such an empirical result can be understood in the sense that the neglecting of the potential multichannel assignment corresponds with the neglection of strong users.
"A number of accidents happen to children due to neglection from parents," she said.
Hence, neglection of women leads to exclusions in the organizational environment, as well as the struggle against barriers.