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Prudentius personifies seneca's concept of "ira" into an allegorical character filled with irrational passion, always willing to self-destruct so long as the object of the wrath is also destroyed ("dum alteri noceat sui neglegens").
4, 248, 22 (junto a piger), en 4, 353, 16 (junto apiger e inefficax), en 4, 94, 42 (junto a piger, inefficax, fatuus e inertia pressus) y en 4, 92, 20 (junto a neglegens).
venit ignavia, ea mi tempestas fuit, mihi adventu suo grandinem imbrem[que] attulit; haec verecundiam mi et virtutis modum deturbavit detexitque a med ilico; postilla optigere me neglegens fui.
(18) The speaker's cavalier sacrifice of the girl's dignity to his amour propre contributes to his presentation of himself as neglegens. Since the text is so preoccupied with the disadvantages for ambitious young men which are created by horizontal power imbalances, however, his conduct might simply reflect ordinary presumptions of class and gender superiority without proffering a critical assessment of them.