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The court concluded that the Emahiser estate had no standing to pursue a negligent procurement claim against the insurance agent.
After reviewing the Ohio cases discussing third-party standing to bring negligent procurement claims, the court in this case found that, although it is possible for a third party to bring such a claim against an insurance agent or broker, the plaintiff must allege that he or she was a "direct, intended, and specifically identifiable" beneficiary to the policy.
Farrell, Tis and Herzing have all been charged with the negligent discharge of a pollutant in violation of the Clean Water Act, negligent discharge of refuse matter in violation of the Refuse Act, and violating an environmental permit.
The court had found Rana guilty of rash and negligent driving and causing injuries leading to death of a pedestrian.
In response, Bryant Bank argued an appraisal report could serve as the basis of a negligent misrepresentation claim under Alabama law because the Appraiser conducted the appraisal for Bryant Bank and owed a duty to Bryant Bank.
MarileneOliver''s Fallen Durga 2010 in The Negligent Eye at the Bluecoat
Summary: Seoul: South Korean police said Tuesday they were investigating three Samsung managers for possible negligent .
and charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle and operating under the influence of drugs.
Under the Payment Services Directive, if someone is a victim of fraud, the bank must refund them immediately unless it has good grounds to suspect that the cardholder has been negligent or acted fraudulently.
The Problem of Negligent Omissions: Medieval Action Theories to the Rescue.
RAWALPINDI -- City Traffic Police (CTP) have impounded 41 motorcycles in various city police stations while 146 challans have also been issued to motorcyclists on severe traffic rules violations, negligent and dangerous driving during current month.
CASE FACTS: Vanloan Johnson filed a suit for medical malpractice and negligent maintenance of alaser machine that malfunctioned during a skin treatment performed on her by Dr.