negligent act

See: tort
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If progressive prosecutors enforced such standards and gun owners faced the prospect of jail time for a single fatal negligent act, some might recalculate and decide it is not worth the risk.
Mancilla, Llanto and the John Does inflicted unnecessary pain, discomfort and suffering [on] the dogs by their negligent act,' it said in its complaint.
For example, an insuring agreement may reference "legally obligated to pay damages" but go on to say that the damages must result from an insured's negligent act, error, or omission.
Sections under the Railways Act include 151-damage to or destruction of certain railway properties and 154 - endangering safety of persons travelling by railway by rash or negligent act or omission.
Euan Love, of solicitors Digby Brown, said: "The negligent act is identical for the man working in the premises and the man bringing home the overalls to his wife and her being exposed in that way.
Initially, cops had not booked the actor and opted for " rash or negligent act not amounting to culpable homicide" under IPC Section 304( a).
The company said it was a negligent act by workers, not done for financial gain.
Awarded CONTRACTOR shall indemnify, defend, save and hold harmless the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners, and all of their officers, agents or employees from all suits, actions, claims, demands, liability of any nature whatsoever arising out of, because of, or due to any negligent act of occurrence of omission or commission of the awarded CONTRACTOR, its officers, agents or employees.
JERUSALEM, April 15, 2015 (WAFA) - Israels State Attorneys Office notified the High Court of Justice (HCJ) that in the case of Palestinian youth Samir Awad it had decided to file an indictment for the minor offense of committing a reckless and negligent act using a firearm without specifying which of the involved soldiers to stand trial.
When a negligent act or omission results in damage or harm to the patient, it is malpractice.
Because the policy defines wrongful act as "any actual or alleged negligent act, error or omission, Personal Injury or Advertising Injury," the policy "covers only liability for negligent conduct.
To legally establish a claim for negligence, a plaintiff must prove there is a legal duty of care owed by the defendant to the plaintiff and that there was a breach of that duty by negligent act or omission.