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surmounting their negligibility? Or is it that they can no longer derive
Of course, another reasonable person might have some degree of sympathy under the circumstances with the conclusion of "negligibility" of the relevant interests on both sides of the case, but ultimately conclude that one or both of the parties' interests actually exceeded the category of the negligible.
1992b), significantly below a proposed limit of negligibility of 10 [micro]Sv (Hall 1988).
The apparent negligibility of folklorism (especially as far as major exploits in form were concerned), threw him in the direction of sound quality and rhythm.
The lengths of the subsequences are arbitrary and restricted only by the negligibility assumption.
Metaphor is used here to emphasize metonymy, to erase itself and make dividing lines recede into negligibility. These are people who live on the margins of the bay.
in years," rudely reminds humans of their negligibility in the
ROM(R) relations, negligibility at order k ([N.sub.k]), proximity at order k ([P.sub.k]) and distance at order k ([D.sub.k]) are defined in R, parameterized by a positive real k.
This identity shows that, predictably, [C.sup.(k)] converges to negligibility like [R.sup.(k-1)]:
Nothing of absolute value, in short, saves the appearances of things from negligibility.[9] Such is "the riddle that one shrinks / To challenge from the scornful sphinx"(280-81).
This new negligibility rule has, as of yet, not proven much of a constraint upon judgments of injury and it may be less restrictive to protectionists than past U.S.