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It does appear possible that, if such a 3-percent of imports negligibility requirement had been deemed sufficient to determine injury in the past, the number of injury determinations would have been greater than they, in fact, were.
His resentment of his wife's treatment of him, his own sense of negligibility and feelings of inadequacy, are covert, but there.
Negligibility is the standard that EPA Administrator Carol Browner proposes to substitute for the zero-risk mandate of the Delaney Clause, the 36-year-old caveat in the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act that flatly forbids concentrations of carcinogenic pesticides in processed foods.
It is fair to say, however, that the formalization of economic negligibility in terms of economies with a non-denumerably infinity number of agents, be it of measure theory or of nonstandard analysis, was resisted.
Some are negligibility assumptions that state that certain variables do not matter.
As such, I pose a problem in the history of economic thought, albeit a history limited to only the last fifty years; and attempt to resolve it in terms of the differing emphases that can be given to the notions of anonymity and negligibility, economic and numerical, pertaining to an individual agent.
Due to the negligibility of the speculative money demand and pegging of the interest rate, the observable interest rates cease to be the key linkage between holding money and interest bearing assets.
As a result of the Commissions finding of negligibility, no countervailing duty order will be issued on imports of these products from Turkey.
figures rather than those supplied by manufacturers when determining if press imports have surpassed a mandated threshold of negligibility.
Admittedly, the careful attention they lavish every week on the inclemency of skies that seem to be constantly opening to bury them with snow or drench them with rain is in part simply a convention of letter-writing, but when their correspondence is looked at more comprehensively as the embodiment of a distinct philosophy of life, their obsession with their passive victimization by the weather begins to form a larger meditation on their sense of helplessness and insignificance, their negligibility in a cosmos that seems actively bent on compromising the quality of their lives.
The economic negligibility of our economy and the fact that all the commodities are produced in equilibrium leads as a necessary consequence to the result that changes in endowment levels of either provincial labour or of capital, provided such changes are small enough that the economy remains fully diversified in the new equilibrium, have absolutely no effect on provincial or federal wages or on capital returns.