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It does appear possible that, if such a 3-percent of imports negligibility requirement had been deemed sufficient to determine injury in the past, the number of injury determinations would have been greater than they, in fact, were.
I shall assume an uncountable number of both producers and consumers, and in so doing, express the intuitive idea of numerical and economic negligibility of each agent.
112) In reviewing the Commission's remand redetermination, the CIT focused its analysis on the individual three percent negligibility standard attributable to South African imports of subject merchandise.
Two of these cases--Co-Steel Raritan and Georgetown Steel--involve a rather complicated fact pattern concerning the Commission's negligibility determinations and consequent termination of the investigations at the preliminary stage with
Shortly before the record closed in the Commission's preliminary investigation, petitioners informed the Commission that they were asking Commerce to amend the scope of the investigation to exclude a certain German-produced product, without which the imports from Germany would fall below the three percent negligibility threshold.
Following an appeal by petitioners, the CIT ordered a remand and re-determination with respect to these negligibility findings, based upon the fact that six months after the preliminary determination, Commerce amended the scope of the anti-dumping investigation at petitioners' request.
181) For purposes of the Commission's negligibility for threat analysis, imports from the three countries were negligible if there was no potential that they would "imminently exceed" the statutory negligibility threshold of three percent individually, or seven percent in the aggregate.
in part the Commission's preliminary negligibility for threat determinations.
The court found that there was a rational connection between the evidence relied on by the Commission and the final negligibility determination.