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The minister reiterated that import of live cattle was allowed from 41 BSE Negligible Risk countries, including France, but the exporting country would have to certify above mentioned condition.
8 Overall, despite the substantial relevance of its design, the HSPMP outcome is rated unsatisfactory, due to its negligible efficacy and efficiency.
A change in the form neutron polarization versus t is completely negligible.
Robust growth of new orders boosted activity levels, and the decline in backlogs of work was negligible as spare capacity was directed towards coping with the surge in new business, said the Royal Bank of Scotland's latest monthly Purchasing Managers Index report.
Only a few pictures suggest the everyday lives of the dark masses whose "progress" from slavery to 1900 was almost negligible.
their health Status is lower than the total Canadian population, this gap was negligible among young adults.
2003) stated that consumption of organic produce shifts children's OP exposures "from a range of uncertain risk to a range of negligible risk.
3g fat, negligible salt A handful has nearly 90 per cent of the RDA of vitamin E - an antioxidant that's not found in many foods, but may help protect against heart disease, cancer and cataracts.
The ruling stated that the likelihood that the employee would cease to be an employee of the university before the patent expired was not so remote as to be negligible.
Compared with the bead type and fusion level, the effect of nominal pattern density, liquid infiltration rate and permeability of the coating on the incidence of pyrolysis defects was almost negligible.
The yellowing inhibitors had a negligible effect on the physical properties and printability of the treated paper.
Quebec City--Newly installed Archbishop Marc Ouellet of Quebec City, who is also Primate of Canada because the Archdiocese is the oldest in the country, spoke about Quebec's negligible birthrate and the crisis of faith in the province in his inaugural homily on January 26.