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5% in 2011 among adults without mental illness, but declined only negligibly during that interval among those with mental illness, from 25.
FOR an Irish College that boasts of historical ties with India dating back to the 18th century, the representation of Indian students at Trinity College Dublin ( TCD) is negligibly small.
An RMP is a procedure that has, among other important requirements, negligible inaccuracy (a negligibly small deviation from the true value) compared with its reproducibility.
Thus, unlike psychotherapy, PSE activates the conflict only negligibly at the beginning of therapy, but even this initial reactivation can be practically avoided with a modified therapy regime.
Addition of kerogen negligibly affects the dawsonite PCR model (Fig.
Despite that light-weight neck, it will be deformed only negligibly during the hot fill thanks to the DoubleSeal system and the sealing integrity will not be damaged.
This difference may appear negligibly small, but it's the largest glitch ever measured for a pure gamma-ray pulsar," explained Bruce Allen, Director of the Albert Einstein Institute (AEI), whose team announced the discovery of nine new Fermi gamma-ray pulsars, back in November 2011.
The dividends remain small: at current prices they would amount to negligibly small 0.
Now the prices for tomorrow's meeting between the pair in Group B suggest Holland are only a negligibly better team than Portugal.
4 for the odd mode shows that the widths of external conductors have the major influence on the propagation of normal modes in the MCML, while the widths of internal conductors vary negligibly while changing S/h.
Although infomons are still to be experimentally proven (if it is even possible someday), one can say with certainty that infomons must have the following properties: they must have no mass; they must have negligibly and vanishingly small, but not zero, interaction energy and have spin 2.
But as importantly, it mattered negligibly (in only one constituency) outside Quebec.