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But when many randomly rotating black holes merge to form a large universe like our present universe, the net angular velocity may be negligibly small.
y-1] even for newborn babies, and therefore the internal exposure risks are considered to be negligibly small.
Assuming that the duration of the fast-sensing period is negligibly small compared to the duration of the data window, then [p.
5% in 2011 among adults without mental illness, but declined only negligibly during that interval among those with mental illness, from 25.
Developing countries, which have contributed negligibly to the present climate change problem are, nevertheless, hit the hardest by, and are most vulnerable to, its negative effects.
Part of me wants it to be the same or at least, negligibly more or less powerful than the PS4's.
Left eye IOP was negligibly higher in all age groups of both sexes.
FOR an Irish College that boasts of historical ties with India dating back to the 18th century, the representation of Indian students at Trinity College Dublin ( TCD) is negligibly small.
Their dreams came true, when Atal Bihari Vajpayee of BJP took oath as the Prime Minister in 1996, even though it was for a negligibly short spell.
An RMP is a procedure that has, among other important requirements, negligible inaccuracy (a negligibly small deviation from the true value) compared with its reproducibility.
Thus, unlike psychotherapy, PSE activates the conflict only negligibly at the beginning of therapy, but even this initial reactivation can be practically avoided with a modified therapy regime.