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A toolbox approach must be used for a successful inspection ensuring that the most suitable non-destructive testing technique is available as well as addressing the issues of accessibility, negotiability and propulsion which differentiate the unpiggables from the piggable lines.
The predictions, which appear in Egencia's 2012 forecast and hotel negotiability index for corporate travel also suggests that corporations will continue to face a weak to moderate negotiating environment in 2012 across the Asia-Pacific region.
Egencia, a US-based online travel company and a subsidiary of Expedia Inc (NASDAQ: EXPE), has announced its 2012 Corporate Travel Forecast and Hotel Negotiability Index.
You'll find below the Europe Outlook including ATPs, ADRs, Advance Purchase Advisory, Hotel Negotiability, Travel Management Trends, in terms of top strategies for maintaining or controlling travel costs, mobile, social media and traveller duty of care.
Besides being a spectacular apartment, it was priced properly with the intent of little or no negotiability," said Werz (left).
Chapters thus cover checking accounts as the paradigm payment system, electronic payments, developing payment systems, credit enhancement, letters of credit, negotiability, and securities.
And with human relationships, it suggests the openness of role negotiability, not the implied aims of mutual destruction.
However, concerns associated with the safety and negotiability of such detectable warnings for other travelers have resulted in much controversy.
the potential for negotiability appears to exist, at least
We maintain that credit expansion itself increases the negotiability of bank assets while Selgin (forthcoming, 5) incorrectly claims that we maintain that the value of cash reserves increases.
While not necessarily typical, the case sheds light on the limits and modes of negotiability in the context of a strong developmental state.
The principle that negotiability is not the test of taxability in an equivalent of cash case such as is before us, is consistent with the rule that men may, if they can, so order their affairs as to minimize taxes, and points up the doctrine that substance and not form should control in the application of income tax laws.