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NEGOTIABLE. That which is capable of being transferred by assignment; a thing, the title to which may be transferred by a sale and indorsement or delivery.
     2. A chose in action was not assignable at common law, and therefore contracts or agreements could not be negotiated. But exceptions have been allowed to this rule in relation to simple contracts, and others have been introduced by legislative acts. So that, now, bills of exchange, promissory notes, bills of lading, bank notes, payable to order, or to bearer, and, in some states, bonds and other specialties, may be transferred by assignment, indorsement, or by delivery, when the instrument is payable to bearer.
     3. When a claim is assigned which is not negotiable at law, such, for example, as a book debt, the title to it remains at law in the assigner, but the assignee is entitled to it in equity, and he may therefore recover it in the assignor's name. See, generally, Hare & Wall. Sel. Dec. 158 to 194 Negotiable paper.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A toolbox approach must be used for a successful inspection ensuring that the most suitable non-destructive testing technique is available as well as addressing the issues of accessibility, negotiability and propulsion which differentiate the unpiggables from the piggable lines.
Neither negotiability nor recording is required, but both confer greater legal rights and require greater--and costlier--formalities.
For a market in which programmed trading leads to a smaller increase in volume of trading, relative to that in the number of trades, liquidity would have expanded, and still the negotiability index would not show it.
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No empirical evidence has been collected on the effects of these new guidelines on the negotiability of ramps by persons with mobility impairments.
To briefly reiterate, banks can: 1) lengthen the clearing period, 2) use credit clearing balances as loan collateral instead of redeeming them (i.e., interbank loans could ease temporary reserve restrains), or 3) use credit expansion to increase reserve negotiability, thus reducing the risk of illiquidity.
There was a sizeable playground with a selection of climbing apparatus displaying just the right combination of negotiability vs risk of a trip to hospital.
"The initial thinking was that the 70% generation would most likely be nuclear anyway," says Bukula, "and 30%-coal and renewables--by the independents." The question is the negotiability of the 30% allocated to the private sector.
D'Aguilar's strategy of seeking listing of its key assets on recognised stock exchanges is designed to deliver negotiability for its key assets, less dilutive funding of forward exploration programs, and expanded and focussed project management teams independent of D'Aguilar.
The duality of identification and negotiability focuses on how individuals form identities through participation in community practices, multiple memberships in local and global communities, their learning trajectories within a CoP, and modes of belonging.