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Buyers of minerals, negotiants, sponsor creuseurs to open mining shafts, thereby attracting an increasing number of youth and petty traders to the mines.
Another with dual interests was Jean Fulchiron, a wealthy retired Lyons negotiant and prominent Orleanist, who was a member not only of the general council of commerce and manufacture but also of the Saint-Denis committee of primary instruction.
4 of the Code of Ethics of the Confederation Internationale des Negotiants en Oeuvres d'Art ('CINOA') stating that "the members will have to take all the necessary measures to detect stolen objects and refer, among others, to registers that are published to this effect and to use these judiciously" as well as the Principles of Conduct of the UK Art Market of the British Art Market Federation ('BAMF') stating that "members have agreed to take appropriate steps if they know, suspect or have reason to believe that they are in possession of stolen property.
102) This is where the prospect of Indigenous secession, as discussed above, could offer leverage to Indigenous negotiants and improve their bargaining position.
En effet, les negotiants qui autrefois reglaient leurs soldes deficitaires avec l'etranger en especes ne pouvaient plus y recourir.
The diplomatic negotiants enter a large room, and Nordstrom indicates Granville to the chief American ambassador.
And as props in repeated performances they offer themselves as negotiants in the production of culture and meaning (Thomas 1998: 102).