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To conduct business transactions; to deal with another individual in regard to a purchase and sale; to bargain or trade. To conclude by way of agreement, bargain, or compact. To transfer a negotiable instrument, such as a promissory note, or other Commercial Paper.

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to transfer (used of bills of exchange). The usual method is by endorsing (signing) the back of the document.
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Indeed, as noted by Gail Wilensky, former administrator of the Health Care Financing Administration, when the government does act as a monopsony purchaser, or sole buyer, it does not "negotiate" prices, it "sets" them.
The claims about how well the Veterans Administration negotiates for lower drug prices don't hold up either, when one looks at the complete picture.
In conjunction, the Federal Interagency Task Force on Fair Lending has also published in brochure form the Spanish-language version of Looking for the Best Mortgage: Shop, Compare, Negotiate (Buscando la hipoteca mas favorable: Compare, Verifique, Negocie).
The PLO, however, unexpectedly presented a new draft for consideration that contained around twenty-five new demands, among them that the PLO would have control over an extraterritorial passage linking Gaza and Jericho.(76) The Israelis refused to even negotiate the new demands and the stalemate continued to the next day and so participants returned home.
These are the costs that are then negotiated when you negotiate a per diem or a capitated rate.
At times, NTSP also gathered powers of attorney from its physicians, which gave NTSP the legal authority to negotiate non-risk contracts on behalf of those physicians.
While diplomats struggled at the United Nations, members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development also tried to negotiate an investment code that could stimulate international investment and also shape business behavior.
Only if a facility is capable of delivering its product is it prepared to negotiate.
While it is difficult to negotiate the first workout, it is even more difficult to deal with the workout of a workout.
So a bargaining unit of a small group of long-service employees nearing retirement for whom contributions were made at the $.50 per hour level for 29 years can negotiate an increase of contributions to $1.00 per hour for the final year before retirement, thereby doubling their benefits.
As shown by interactive scenario 4 in figure 2, executives should use a focused subordinative strategy (S2) to induce the other party to negotiate.
An example is when the government negotiates a discount from list price in the erroneous belief, based on the information supplied, that it achieved the same discount as the offeror's MFC.